About Us

Jones & Hill L.L.C. has offices located in Oakdale and Oberlin, Louisiana. The firm offers legal services throughout the Southern United States with attorneys licensed to practice in Louisiana and Texas. Originally, J. Craig Jones and Craig Ray Hill had separate law offices with a varying degree of practiced areas. The Law Firm of Jones & Hill was created early in 2000 as a result of the partner’s interest in personal injury trial litigation. From its inception the firm of Jones & Hill has quickly gained a reputation of being a leading firm in the field of civil and personal injury trial work. This reputation extends from the case results obtained by both Mr. Jones and Mr. Hill.

The firm places greater emphasis on trial work to families and individuals who have been injured or have suffered damage as a result of an automobile accident, defective product, wrongdoing by large corporations, medical negligence, and other various types of accidents.

With the versatile setup of more than one office, Jones & Hill L.L.C. has the opportunity to work more efficiently throughout Louisiana providing greater representation of clients. Jones & Hill L.L.C. has implemented state of the art computerized networking systems which provide both staff and attorneys immediate access to vital information. An essence, though the firm has offices in different cities, a staff member in any office can obtain a clients information while working on the clients file as if all staff were in the same office.

With the addition of new attorneys and staff members the firm is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest standard of representation available. The firm also handles select cases dealing with criminal trial litigation, real estate matters, and various other legal issues.

Jones & Hill – Injury Lawyers