Jones & Hill – Injury Lawyers

Our firm is committed to using the cornerstone of civil justice in this country — the jury system — to obtain full and fair compensation for individuals whose rights have been oppressed by the government, corporations and insurance companies.

We never forget that we represent real human beings whose rights are diminished systematically in the name of profit, the bottom line and institutional avoidance of responsibility. Every member of our firm recognizes the importance of this responsibility that we feel God has bestowed upon us to fight for a person’s rights in the judicial arena.

We care for each of our clients as we would our close family and friends.  We visit their homes, share meals with them, and learn their hopes and their fears.  Why do we go this extra distance? Simple! We believe that by knowing our clients on a deep and personal level—is the only way we can truly represent them and their needs. Many law firms have never grasped that the most important trial preparation you can do is “really getting to know your client’s story”. In essence it is our clients (the victims) we must know and understand in order to return fair compensation. We are going to know our clients in such a way that when we step before a jury, they (the jury) also will know the burden forced upon our client.

We are a law firm dedicated to helping families and victims of Auto Accidents, Farming Accidents, Log Truck Accidents, 18-Wheeler Accidents and other Serious Injury Accidents and Insurance Bad Faith. Our focus is to stand up for victims to ensure that they receive the full justice that they deserve. Almost every single one of our cases are truly against greedy insurance companies who the jurors don’t even get to know are involved with the case but who are standing behind the defendant and defense experts and lawyers calling the shots.

The outcome of a personal injury case will affect the rest of a person’s life. It is life changing and will affect the entire family. If enough justice (money) isn’t obtained then the money runs out and the injured person and their family suffer. Beyond that society will suffer. Guess who gets to pay for the future care and expenses of the injured and disabled if the at fault and insurance corporations get a “free pass”- you guessed it- we do as a society. We have found that insurance companies are responsible for most cases going to trial because they treat people cheaply and refuse to pay what is fair and just. We don’t sell our clients out for quick easy money. If a person is looking for a “quick settlement” we won’t represent them. We represent serious and legitimate injured persons and when our clients are treated cheaply by the insurance company we go to trial and ask the jury for 100% of the equal trade dollar value of all damages Louisiana law entitles a person to receive.

Our job is to make sure our clients and their families receive enough justice to give them 100% compensation. We only get one shot at getting this very important job completed. Rest assured we know what is at stake. We only get one trial. Because of this, unlike a lot of law firms out there who run assembly lines and sign up as many cases as they can, we only handle a limited number of cases at a time. This allows us to keep our promise and give our clients the attention, love, and caring devotion they deserve.

Handling another human being’s case and lifetime medical needs should never be about making quick money and moving on. There is so much more to it. We are dealing with people’s lives and that is a big responsibility. At the end of all of our own lives we want to be able to look back proudly and know that what we did in this world truly mattered. We get closely involved with our clients and their families. We spend one on one time with them in their homes, schools, medical appointments, just like a family member should do. We walk with them side by side. So, if we are involved with your case, you can expect that we will be spending a lot of time together. This job is not easy. In order to win we must have a case built with truth and trust. We must truly care about each other and also care about everybody involved. We must care about the jury who will be taking time away from their own lives to listen to your story and decide your case.

We are proud to be trial lawyers, committed to using the cornerstone of civil justice in this country – the jury system – to obtain full and fair compensation for individuals whose rights have been oppressed by the government, corporations and insurance companies. Justice is a joy to the Godly, but it terrifies evildoers.– Proverbs 21:15; therefore it is Justice that we seek to obtain. We are on the side of real human beings whose rights are denigrated systematically in the name of profit and institutional avoidance of responsibility.

Though our offices are located in Oberlin and Oakdale, LA we represent clients from across Louisiana to include the parishes of: Jeff Davis, Allen, Beauregard, Vernon, Rapides, Cameron and Calcasieu.

In addition, we service the towns of southwest and central Louisiana to include: Oberlin, Oakdale, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Woodworth, Glenmora, Elizabeth, Dry Creek, Leesville, DeRidder, Lecompte, Bunkie, Washington, Opelousas, Sunset, Carencro, Mamou, Eunice, Kinder, Scott, Rayne, Crowley, Jennings, Welsh, Iowa, Longville and Pitkin.