Satellite image of a hurricane coming toward the eastern United States

How Do I Handle a Denied Hurricane Damage Claim?

If your property sustains hurricane damage, you’ll most likely need to use your homeowners’ insurance coverage to help pay for your losses.

But what happens when the insurance company denies your claim?

Read on to find out.

First, Don’t Panic

Sustaining serious damage to your home is not an easy experience to endure. You are likely stressed enough as it is, and a claim denial is the last thing you need.

However, keep in mind that initial claim denials are common in the insurance industry. Even some of the most obviously viable claims are often denied at first, so don’t panic if your claim is denied outright. You still have options.

Second, Review Your Claim

If there are ways for you to bolster your claim and provide more evidence of your losses, you should compile and organize all of the relevant information. If you find any glaring issues with your claim, fix them.

Be sure to include all relevant photographs, videos, repair estimates, and receipts for all losses related to your claim.

Third, Hire an Attorney

Having a skilled hurricane damage attorney on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your claim. When you hire legal representation to help with your case, you are showing the insurance company that you are serious about your case and you refuse to play their games.

Things to Consider When Filing Your Hurricane Damage Claim

Following a natural disaster, your homeowners’ insurance company may end up with a massive wave of simultaneous claims, which can make it difficult for insurance providers to quickly respond to the claims that are submitted.

That is why most state insurance departments often set specific dates for insurance companies to formally recognize that a claim has been filed. Insurance providers usually have 15 days to respond to a claim, but that is often extended.

Additionally, the high claim volume may prompt insurance adjusters to make raw estimates for the claims they receive. If this is the case, you should be alerted and expect another visit from an adjuster at a later date. Try to schedule your second appointment during the first one, if possible.

If your hurricane damage claim has been denied, we may be able to help. Don’t delay—reach out to our office right away with any questions you may have.

To learn how we can help, contact our experienced team right away with the details of your case by calling (318) 707-0515 or filling out the online contact form.