Case Results

$5.7 Million

Award for Paraplegic Injury

$5.7 million dollar recovery for a severely injured man who lost the use of both legs following an accident injury.

$1.8 Million

Award for Back Injury

$1.8 million dollar recovery for a man that sustained back injuries as a result of being hit while riding his motorcycle.

$1.1 Million

Award for a Rear-end Collision

Our client was rear-ended at night on a rural road in Allen Parish, Louisiana. Our 53 year old male client sustained injuries that required a cervical fusion.

$1.1 Million

Award for Shoulder Injury

$1.1 million dollar recovery for a man who injured his shoulder in an automobile crash.

$2.5 Million

Jury Verdict in Wrongful Death Case

$2.5 million dollar jury verdict recovery for the wrongful death of a man injured in an automobile accident.

$1.3 Million

Award in Defective Equipment Suit

$1.3 million dollar recovery to a man injured on defective equipment. Resulted in partial paralysis of his lower extremities.

$1.1 Million

Judgment for Psychological/Emotional Damages

$1.1 million dollar judgment following the trial for severe psychological and emotional damages received following an incident involving a twelve-year-old girl.


Award for Medical Malpractice

$865,000.00 awarded to a man in which an emergency room failed to treat for spinal injury which resulted in serious spinal chord damage. The man complained of numbness upon presentation to the emergency room. No tests were ordered to determine the extent of the injury. The ER staff doctor sent the patient home despite his being unable to walk. It was determined that the actions of the hospital greatly worsened the condition of the patient.


Award for Car Accident

A collision at a red light in Lake Charles, Louisiana resulted in a $115,000.00 award. The collision was a result of a driver running a red light and “T-boned” our client. Our 47 year old female client sustained a neck straining injury.


Award for Logging Truck Accident

$600,000.00 recovery to a man who was injured due to a log truck making an illegal left-hand turn in front of his vehicle, resulting in severe abdominal injuries.


Award for Sideswipe Collision

$450,000.00 recovery for a 53 year old man injured in a “sideswipe” collision on I-10 in Calcasieu Parish.  The collision occurred as traffic merged form the I-210 exit ramp.  Client received injuries to his L5-S1 disc.


Award for DUI Accident

$395,000.00 recovery to a man who injured his right knee involving arthroscopic surgery due a drivers’ intoxicated state in failing to stop at a stop sign.


Award for Tractor-Trailer Collision

$387,500.00 recovery for a lady who was rear-ended by a large tractor-trailer on Interstate 10 requiring arthroscopic knee surgery.


Award for Tractor-Trailer Collision

$240,795.00 recovery for family who was injured as a result of a tractor-trailer operator’s illegal passing maneuver.


Award for a Rear-end Collision

$225,000.00 recovery for a 64 year old man who suffered a non-surgical lower back injury in Lake Charles, Louisiana as a result of being rear-ended by an inattentive driver.


Award for Low-Impact Collision

Defendants conceded after the start of trial that the low impact collision caused the injuries to plaintiff as plaintiff’s expert medical provider testified. The defendant’s expert testified that the impact was less than 10 mph. Plaintiffs expert placed the speed at between 15-20 mph. Testimony was presented that evidenced that substantial injuries can occur with low impact forces. Medical expenses were roughly $7,300.00.


Award for Truck Accident

$150,000.00 recovery to a man who injured his right knee as a result of a large truck failing to take precautions in turning.


Award for Logging Truck Accident

$135,000.00 recovery to a family was “sideswiped” by a log truck as a result of the log truck entering its lane too quickly following a passing maneuver on a rural highway.


Award for Tractor-Trailer Collision

$130,000.00 recovery to a young lady who injured her shoulder as a result of a (sideswipe) collision with a large tractor-trailer truck inside the city limits and reduced speed zone.


Award for Car Accident

A collision at an intersection in Lake Charles Louisiana resulted in a $128,000.00 award to a young teen. The collision caused injuries to two other passengers as well. Injuries to our client consisted of a facial scar above the eye.

Confidential Settlement

Award for Car vs. Livestock Accident

A Jeff Davis parish man suffered serious injuries when his truck struck a cow that was in the roadway at night. The accident occurred near the town of Elton Louisiana. The Jeff Davis parish man sustained knee injuries and severe headaches. The Jones & Hill Law Firm was successful in proving that the condition of the fences were in disrepair. Also, that cattle were routinely loose on this Jeff Davis parish roadway.

The Hill Law firm was successful in locating the rightful owner of the cow through the louisiana Dept od Agricultural Brand commission. The case was settled for a confidential amount by the insurance company of the cow owner who owned numerous farms throughout the state.